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“A brazen display of abuse of power” – Reaction as a Soldier flogs his girlfriend’s “bestie”

On social media, a video of a man in military uniform beating a civilian believed to be a bestie of the military man’s girlfriend has gone viral.The civilian who had been brutally beaten by the military guy was observed begging on his knees, but his pleadings were ineffective in persuading the soldier to stop beating him.

The soldier was also seen asking his girlfriend if her bestie was the one who prevented her from answering his phone calls.The soldier then tried to remove “mr.bestie” off his neck and hit him on the ground, before raising a bucket full of water and pouring it on him.Witnesses tried to interfere, but the soldier’s rage was too much for him to bear.

Below are some reactions from social media users ;

Jeffery wrote ; Contemptible! Calls for immediate disciplinary actions against the soilder. A flagrant display of abuse of power.

Matt wrote ; That woman better run ooo.. that guy will kill her

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