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5 Slangs That Davido Made To Be More Famous, And Their Implications


At some point last year, Davido began saying a shoptalk called TULE. This is really a yoruba word which means Free IT or SET IT FREE. We anyway don’t have a clue why he began saying this, however the shoptalk became a web sensation and was generally acknowledged.


Few weeks after he began saying TULE, he raised one more shoptalk again known as E CHOKE. This basically implies that something is affirmed to be great. It can likewise be utilized to decribe something up to standard.

3) FEM

Last year, Davido delivered a song named FEM, and it turned into a road shoptalk very quickly. It just means stay silent. After the song was delivered, it became one of the most utilized words in the city, as individuals them usually like to say FEM, rather than advising somebody to stay silent.


This is one more shoptalk that can be said to have been designed by Davido. It just means who disagrees with his reality or assessment. It is likewise a generally acceptable viral slang in the City

5) Watimagbo

Watimagbo was also a trending shoptalk on the streets, but Davido made it more famous after he used it in his song with Adekunle Gold. It is a yoruba word which means YOU MUST HAVE BEEN HEARING ABOUT IT. It is generally utilized when you need to enlighten individuals regarding how great you are at getting along something.


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