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3 Nigerian Artistes Who Changed Their Appearances And The Reasons Why

The appearance of an artiste is certainly a fundamental piece of his/her image. There have been different artistes who changed their searches for one explanation or the other. The following are 3 superstars who have changed their look the years and the motivation behind why they did.

1) Adekunle Gold

Around last year, 2020, Adekunle Gold chose to rebrand himself. The artiste who appears to now have a modify inner self named AG Baby exchanged his kind. He used to be known for his highlife sort of tunes, however with AG Baby, he accomplishes a greater amount of Afro pop, which is obvious in his undertaking “Afro Pop Vol

This switch made Adekunle Gold change his looks appearanceWhen gotten some information about the switch in his style in a meeting with Guardian.ng, he said :”Life is short. Why wear a certain something or one style? Being innovative is endless, yet the center of my design is ‘do I feel great in it?’ In the event that I do, I’m wearing it”

2) Chidinma Ikele

Chidinma Ekile, who is a famous Nigerian artist likewise needed to change her look for she pronounced herself brought back to life and changed from common melodies to gospel tunes.

Chidinma has likewise erased her previous Instagram pictures and the ones that remain are those she posted after her transformation. She is truly glad to have returned to Jesus and she made it clear in her recently delivered Video Music. Some extraordinary Gospel Artistes like Frank Edward additionally liked her new life and they’ve done well by reposting the Video she delivered a few hours prior. To show how genuine her new transformation is, she changed her Profile on Instagram so that individuals will realize that she has truly transformed from the type of behavior that most people will accept as normal and presently back to Jesus Christ. See a portion of her Photos after she changed over to a Gospel Performer.
Chidinma Ekile, who was known for making RnB sort of songs before, changed to gospel tunes and everything about her way of life changed with that. Her looks particularly went through certain progressions too.

3) Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie is one of the Nigerian Artistes who needed to rebrand herself. The progressions in her looks occurred because of the way that she went from an entertainer actress to an artist.

Angela Okorie acted in a great deal of Nollywood films and made a name in the film business until 2019 where she exchanged into being an artiste. Obviously, this switch likewise showed in her looks as she dresses more like an artiste than an entertainer. Her new look can be compared to Hip-jump artistes as she had a ton of tattoos, changed her haircut and how she models for pictures…

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