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24-year-old lady brags about sleeping with people’s dad.

A 24-year-old self-acclaimed sidechic made a video of herself bragging about sleeping with other people’s fathers as guys have refused to marry her.

She recorded herself in what she claims to be an hotel bed after just sleeping with a purported old man — in the video, she’s heard hailing women of her kind who indulge in sleeping with older men.

She justifies sleeping with other people’s dad because guys have refused to marry her and at her age, 24, she doesn’t even at the very least, have a boyfriend — she then goes further to threaten that she’ll ask her sugar daddy to disown his son because “he’s rude”.

Her video has come off as weird and bizarre after it was shared on social media although it has at the same time, been seen as quite hilarious.

In related news, a Twitter user recounted how one of his clients purchased a 125 million naira duplex for his 19-year-old girlfriend.

The Twitter user, identified as @justkingss, said he was shocked to discover that the client, who was a married man, didn’t buy the property for himself or his wife, but for his teenage girlfriend, who hails from Benin.

The said man gifted the lady the N125m Duplex in Lekki as a birthday present.Narrating the story, @justkingss wrote,“I once helped a client secured a N125m Duplex in Lekki.

The funny part was that he actually bought it not for himself nor his wife but for his 19yr old Benin (Edo State) girlfriend. He bought it as a birthday gift to her because of p*#sy”.


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