University of Oxford Fully Funded AIG Scholarship Program 2024/2025, UK

One of the oldest and most esteemed universities in the world is the University of Oxford, which is locatedin Oxford, England. Oxford University was founded in the 12th century and has a long history of scholarly achievement, inventiveness, and knowledge advancement.

The university, which is well-known for its demanding academic standards and lively intellectual atmosphere, provides a wide range of graduate, undergraduate, and research programs in numerous fields. Scholars, researchers, and students from all over the world are drawn to its illustrious institutions and well-known faculty members, which creates a vibrant community committed to expanding the frontiers of knowledge and inquiry.

Oxford is a global leader in education and innovation thanks to its distinguished reputation, alluring past, and dedication to knowledge advancement.

Scholarship Description

  • Host University: University of Oxford
  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Study Level: Masters Level
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded
  • Scholarship Worth: £50,000
  • Eligible Countries: Foreign Students
  • Subjects Available: All Subjects
  • Application Deadline: September 15th, 2024

AIG Scholars go out on a life-changing adventure that involves a full year of immersion at the cutting edge of academia. With this chance, they are able to learn from distinguished professors and seasoned professionals in the esteemed halls of internationally recognized universities.

Making contacts with like-minded aspiring public sector professionals from around the globe is another benefit of this program. These academics join a vibrant network outside of academic institutions that is ready for significant international partnerships.

Following the completion of their academic endeavors, these AIG Scholarship winners come home with an impressive library of information. This newly acquired knowledge is carefully applied to improve policymaking, support revolutionary reforms, and make significant contributions to the overall development of their country.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Financial help: There is financial help available for the AIG Scholarship. The funding includes living expenses, tuition, and a stipend to support a summer project. With this all-inclusive support, scholars can concentrate solely on their educational and personal growth.
  • Coachig and Mentorship: One of the main components of the AIG Scholarship is the considerable coaching and mentorship that the scholars get. This committed support helps them make the most out of every aspect of their time at Oxford and navigate its enriching experience.
  • Career Development: The AIG Scholars receive a full career development trajectory in addition to a scholarship. Every scholar receives resolute assistance in charting their career path, matching it to their areas of interest, and utilizing the information and experience they have accumulated while attending Oxford.

Eligiblity Requirements

  • International Presence: Applicants must be employed by the federal government or a state government, holding posts in Ministries, Departments, Agencies, or Parastatals.
  • Age Range: Applicants should be between the ages of 25 and 45, and they should be in a position to greatly benefit from this scholarship because they are at a critical point in their careers.
  • Work Experience: A minimum of seven (7) years of combined experience in both the public and private sectors should be exhibited by candidates. This criterion makes sure that only experienced people who have a deep understanding of these industries can be considered.
  • Educational Requirement: To further solidify the dedication to academic achievement, a bachelor’s degree with at least a second-class upper qualification serves as the academic threshold for eligibility.

Application Procedure

The AIG Scholarship application process is a rigorous set of procedures that emphasize the gravity and importance of the undertaking. It is required for applicants to:

  • Fill out the appropriate application, providing detailed information about their education, experience, and goals.
  • Give a compelling personal statement outlining their goals, reasons for applying, and how the scholarship might impact their future career.
  • Please include any necessary documentation attesting to their credentials and accomplishments.

Supporting Documents

  • A well-written personal statement outlining the applicant’s goals, aspirations, and path both personally and professionally that aligns with the AIG Scholarship’s objectives.
  • A current CV or resume that highlights the applicant’s education, accomplishments, and professional background.
  • Proof of academic credentials, at least a second-class upper qualification, attesting to the applicant’s bachelor’s degree.
  • The applicant’s professional trajectory and accomplishments are validated by pertinent certificates and records.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to the AIG Scholarship program, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements which include \

  • Demonstrating that they meet the required age range, experience, and qualifications. The applicant’s commitment to serving in the public sector
  • Applicants are required to make essential contribution to the progress of their country should be clearly demonstrated in the application materials.
  • Applicants should include the personal statement and supporting documents.

Language Requirements

There is no clear mention of language proficiency as a requirement for the AIG Scholarship. However, since English is Oxford University’s primary language of instruction and communication, applicants should be ready to participate in academic and professional contacts in the language. Speaking and writing in English fluently will greatly improve the applicant’s chances of succeeding in the scholarship program.

Official Website

Visit the university’s offcial website for additional information

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