Why Do People Love Canada? See 6 Reasons

We’re taking a gander reasons why you might want to move to the country north of the USA.

To non-Canadians, Canada appears to be a magical place where it downpours maple syrup, the roads paved with Kraft Dinner, and fevers outnumber the individuals.

And why Canadians frequently laugh at these cleverly really overstated generalizations, the Country offers a great more.


A visit to any major Canadian urban cities, for example, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal will cause you to feel like you are on a worldwide tour.

In the Major urban areas, neighborhoods like Little Italy, Chinatown, and Koreatown can be found and they give a mind blowing social experience to locals and vacationers the same
However, every nationality and foundation under the sun is fanned out all through the urban areas as well, nothing’s outright except for all things considered most Canadians aren’t afraid diversity.
Truth be told in 2015, and 2016 Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited 25,000 Syrian evacuees into the country,

Talking about the PM, Trudeau’s bureau ended up being the most different at any point found in Canadian governmental issues having an equivalent number of people a few minorities and, surprisingly, previous exiles.

Abundant Natural Resources

Did you know that without its freshwater lakes, Canada could really be more modest than the United States or Canada holds seven percent of the world’s sustainable water supply, the third-most elevated close to Brazil and Russia?

The explanation isn’t outlandish, Canada is known for its numerous lakes, waterways, streams, and wetlands to count and its unimaginably lovely view., also the way that the northern domains are generally snow and ice.

Moreover, Canada has no lack of gold, nickel, precious stones, lead, and unrefined petroleum which implies different countries seek Canada for commodities of regular assets subsequently assisting Canada’s economy with flourishing.

It’s Not Yet Overpopulated

The populace in Canada are more than 36 million or so individuals, and somewhere around over two million make up the number of inhabitants in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

To additionally explain, there are around 13 million individuals dwelling in the territory of Ontario, the major Canadian urban communities might be overcrowded, yet when you think of the entire of Canada, there is a lot of unused space, particularly in the lesser populated regions further north.

Low Violence and Crime Rates

In spite of the utter friendliness of Canadians, nobody is naïve enough to believe that the nation is without violence and crime

There are time after time episodes of burglary murder and kidnappings the nation over, however Canada appears as though Disneyland contrasted with crime percentages in different nations.

For example, in 2010 there were 554 instances of homicide in Canada, contrasted with an incredible 12,000 or so in the US, around 25,000 in Mexico and at the first spot on the list Brazil with roughly 40,000

With regards to violent crimes, Canada may not be great, yet what Country is?

There might be a few deceitful ones living among them, yet for the most part, there is no space for can’t stand in Canada.


Canada was the seventh most well known objective for global studies starting around 2014.

Why? because global students all around the world explicitly travel to Canada to concentrate on there.

McGill University situated in the city of Montreal isn’t only one of the top colleges in the nation it’s likewise ordinarily positioned inside the best 30 colleges on the planet.

Foundations like the University of Toronto and of British Columbia are additionally commended for their greatness.

It is Peaceful

You’d be unable to find a nation nursing a major hamburger against Canada, so what’s there to quarrel over? Also, Canadians are by and large blissful, well disposed and obliging individuals.

Try not to miss the point, the Canadian military is positively viewed as elite yet Canadians grew up in a country of various varieties, societies, religions, make up a major part of the populace.

Kindness, harmony, acknowledgment is generally imbued in Canadians from birth, and the country tends to focus on peacekeeping missions than hard and fast conflict. Nonetheless, assuming they need to battle they will.

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